Reach Santarcangelo in 24 minutes by car

The distance from Hotel Aurea: 16,3 Km

Santarcangelo di Romagna is a small town of about twenty thousand inhabitants in the province of Rimini. Maybe you heard about it because it was the place of birth of the poet and writer Tonino Guerra – after whom the fountain was named – and actor Fabio De Luigi. So I decided to film a video to show you one of the things that I will surely tell you this summer. Go and visit Santarcangelo!

This is a small town characterized by narrow streets and alleys thanks to which you can reach the peak. Once you have reached the peak of Giove Hill (90m) on which the town rests you will find a breathtaking view. And you will certainly appreciate the walk as well. Santarcangelo is truly characteristic and full of little realities to be discovered. One of those that I especially recommend is the Museo del Bottone (button museum) that hosts a collection of 8,500 buttons and is the first such museum and is unique in its type in all of Italy. Its main characteristic is to tell the social, political, cultural and custom history of our country through buttons. If you choose a guided tour you will hear incredible things.

As you can see in the video Santarcangelo has several panoramic points-I found myself one in particular – but the view from each one is incredible, they manage to distinguish both Mount Titano where San Marino rises and our Adriatic Sea.

And if you look closely it seems you can also see Hotel Aurea…

Yes, it really is the Hotel! 😎

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