Reach Verucchio in 32 minutes by car

The distance from Hotel Aurea: 22,2 Km

I might as well not talk about Verucchio. You only have to see the view from its 330 metres above sea level. It is an incredible view from the heart of the hinterland that takes in our entire beautiful Riviera, up to the Adriatic Sea. Verucchio was a fortress of the former ruling Malatesta family that controlled the territory and fully deserves a visit. It has about ten thousand inhabitants and is therefore a small town but has special aspects that truly make it worthwhile visiting. In addition to the view, at Verucchio you will find a town that is worthy of being studied and told. For example, speaking about recent history – also because if we did not we would have to start from the Etruscans – it is worth remembering how Verucchio was occupied a number of times during the Second World War and suffered reprisals from the Nazis and the Fascists. The most serious episode was the execution of the “Nine Martyrs of Verucchio”, a reprisal by retreating German soldiers on 21 September, 1945.

The main places of interest are

La Rocca Malatestiana (The Malatesta Fortress), one of the best preserved works of the ruling house that for 300 years was the one of the kingdom’s main bastions..

The Rocca del Passarello (Passarello Castle) that constitutes Verucchio’s second fortified core. In 1600 it became the Monastery of the Sisters of Saint Claire.

Piazza Malatesta, the city’s main square overlooking Palazzo Giungi.

But more than anything my recommendation is to absolutely come here as well during your summer holidays to discover this unique and rare reality. There is an inexplicable air up there

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