Dear friends of the Aurea,

here is a brief video that summarises the celebrations of the magnificent evening that we spent together during the Notte Rosa 2019 event!

It is the Riviera’s fantastic summer New Year’s Eve party and here in the Aurea, as you see, we have set everything up with a theme. From the serviettes to the menu, from my polo shirt 😆, to the Staff’s accessories! Do you know why? Because of our CIAO. It is a type of “code”, a way that we have of talking with our guests, a little as though we have always been friends. We are a big family that deals with your holidays in Rimini. We only want your wellbeing and we strive to ensure that you enjoy yourselves as well as possible. Because every time you are happy we are too!

I adore our city and events such as the Notte Rosa can certainly be a little chaotic and that is why we recommend that you move around on foot or by bike. It all happens on the waterfront that had been closed to traffic, a real pedestrian area created ad hoc to allow those who come on holiday not to miss the events organized from the Miramare on! There are so many things in Rimini💯.

How do we start such an evening in the best way? That’s obvious.

With the legendary Hotel Aurea dinner 😎

Thanks to all our staff and all the people that make this hotel not simply a hotel but Hotel Aurea,






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