I will quickly ask you a question that I imagine you will answer without hesitation: who better than a travel blogger from the Romagna – a guest of Hotel Aurea – can tell you the spirit of Rimini and the Romagna?
Let’s start in order! I want to talk to you briefly about Romagna Welcome. It is a space for telling and promoting our territory that has the aim of telling the different and original travel experiences that Rimini – and the rest of the Romagna – offer during the year. Therefore not limited to summer.
Thanks to Romagna Welcome our guest was Giorgia Tonini, creator of La valigia di Pimpi (Pimpi’s suitcase): During #GYRE she was part of the Art& Lifestyle team. In order to tell us of her #RiminiExperience, her task was to let us discover which #RiminiExperience, tied to the culture and style of “typical” life can be experienced in Romagna.
And it is just as she says- seeing that she was born here and knows this well – “the Romagna is many things for me, but above all it is home”

Here is Giorgia, “our” travel blogger

Because “the Romagna is warmth, genuineness and the “dirty” joke while you crawl around, knock and play the Marafone outside the Bar Roma. It’s the town’s party with the tortelloni and cappelletti made by the untiring hands of the azdore (housewives). It’s the waltz, the Mazurka and the Polka where you lift your feet and crack the whip like a real sciucaren (traditional whip wielders)! The Romagna is its people, the genuine Romagnoli and its hospitality”
And my aim is to let you experience the Romagna, not as a tourist but as a person from the Romagna, a Romagnolo. This is why you can ask me anything when you are here. Here in Hotel Aurea we take care of your holidays as though they were ours. We want you to get to know only the best and we try to make it possible by letting you experience Rimini as if you were born here.

A wall of Borgo San Giuliano, one of the most typical and beautiful districts of Rimini

Giorgia understood all this very well and she manages to convey it enthusiastically and precisely in her blog. One of the things that pleased me for example, was that she noticed that Hotel Aurea’s rooms are all white and red, just like the colours of Rimini… And that she then liked our breakfast 😎

A little look at breakfast at the Hotel Aurea

PS. The photos in this article are hers! 🙌
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