Reach the fulgor cinema in 16 minutes by car

the distance from Hotel Aurea: 6.9 km

Rimini has really been changing for the better in recent years and this is thanks to the major intervention by the new local council administration.

The moment has finally come for the Fulgor to raise its curtain once again. After five years marked by renovations and restorations the historic cinema in Corso d’Augusto has been restored to the city of Rimini and to anyone who wishes to visit it. The Fulgor is the cinema where Federico Fellini saw his first film and he fell in love with the Seventh Art. And it was restored this year – this very winter – and given that in the month of May I will be able to act as your guide we will go inside together. The restorations carried out their duty perfectly, transforming the cinema itself into a strongly evocative place. In fact, more than a restoration, the work carried out on the Fulgor has been a work of aesthetic reconstruction with the aim of recreating – inside and outside – the favourite atmosphere of Federico Fellini.

In fact, the Fulgor Cinema is inside a Liberty style building and embodies all the signs of the Maestro’s poetry.

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